2 thoughts on “Instagram killed the photography star. Or did it?

  1. No, Instagram is not a tool that makes sure snapshots look ok. Instagram is a socially acceptable vehicle for communication. We all traverse our paths to and from to where ever we are going, seeing a continuous stream of still pictures of the ‘right now’. Most just smile at those that are memorable, some remember those moments and relay the story when they get home but now its easier to visually record those moments to share. The average consumer of visual art now has the tools to make ‘art of the moment’ and more importantly to have the foresight to anticipate the moment in order to take the picture. The sad part is that there are so very many good images out there with the huge number of image groups on facebook, tumblr, and image blog sites that I can’t enjoy them all.

  2. I don’t think the technology is there yet for cameraphones to create anything more than B grade work. Instant gratification photography has it’s uses, but when I go out shooting my best photographic work is planned to some degree. Angles are lined up, if it’s dark out, out comes the tripod. The majority of my photography work is done in dark places, where cameraphones are basically useless. You can’t pull off a 5 minute exposure on a cameraphone (so far as I know – and if you can I can’t imagine it will look very good). Heck, even dslr’s are only now catching up large format film cameras when it comes to producing negatives/raw files for large prints.

    Instragram & camera phones have their place, but it’s going to be another few years before they come close to playing with the big boys. And just because one has a big boy tool, doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing with it.

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