The Netflix Effect or What’s Four Billion Hours Between Friends

About a week or so ago, the C.E.O. of Netflix, the folks who used to send you DVD’s in the mail and killed Blockbuster and who now stream just about everything and anything, made a post on Facebook, ““Over the last three months, you all watched over 4 billion hours on Netflix.”

There are about five extraordinary things about this action — making a huge corporate report on social media, the use of the words ‘folks,’ etc. etc. But the thing that most struck me was “Four Billion Hours.” That’s a whole lotta hours. Which is probably why Netflix stock shot up 25% (while Apple’s fell???) There are a lot of reasons and ramifications and thoughts, but I’m just going to let my head soak up the number. 4 BILLION HOURS. Where did those hours come from? A little from sleeping. But mostly, I would advise you to ask Warner Brothers, Columbia, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Except for sports, those 4 BILLION HOURS came right out of their hides. Assuming 10 to 20 commercials per hour has been vaporized for every one of those 4 BILLION HOURS, things get very clear, very fast.

Or, as I said earlier, that is one heckuva lot of hours.

Now, I’ve got to go watch some Netflix.


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