2 thoughts on “Jingle, Jangle, Who Killed the Jingle?

  1. So very true…. the fact that the industry is relying solely on non-purposed music is pretty sad. Just ask Larry Stillman — who co-wrote the “reach out & touch” jingles years ago.

  2. I think D.O. said this: “If you have nothing to say, sing it.” I get the thought behind it.

    But I do miss a great jingle. I think I know what happened to the jingle. People started writing average jingles and they got on people’s nerves.

    Here’s one of the greats, but why was it great? Not because the lyrics were wonderful, but because it grew out of research that told them that (estimate) 10 percent of the people drank 90 percent of the beer.

    And the rest is history.

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