3 thoughts on “The Perils of Stock (photography that is…)

  1. One of my own bugbears: who are all those people on the bank and the electric company websites typing on computers, writing checks? Do they look anything like me? Do they have something to tell me? And my God, I just used some (quickly, you know) on my own fresh-out-of-the pot website. What was I thinking? Out, out, today: begone you insufferable models! Thanks for the wake-up, Ken!!

  2. There have been at least three occasions where I have run into a photo I used in someone else’s ad. Also, I love how it has to be the perfect politically correct model: neither white nor black, male nor female, gay nor straight.

  3. Even worse is a client (and I have had 2 just this year) who confine me to only “royalty-free” images which are the stuck-in-the-80s cousin of regular stock. Oh and there were no black people without Cosby sweaters then.

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