Words of Wisdom from Chairman Bill: Vol. 1

Bill Bernbach once said, “Times change — people don’t.” As we chase our tails and our portals, mobile apps, apps, Vines, etc, let’s not forget about that. Metrics are powerful things, they can put you in front of the ‘store,’ and pick out individuals who have a high likelihood of liking what you’re peddling, but they still won’t TOUCH people in a way that actually takes AN ANONYMOUS THIRD PARTY SHILL (which, alas, is what we are selling) and make it MOVE people. And if you don’t move people, they won’t ACT. In fact, you could add to Chairman Bill’s words the codicil, “products never change.” Think about it. They are always the same. Coke v. Pepsi. Chevy v. Ford. Yankess v. Diamondbacks. The fricking same. It’s a combination of skill and art (with a lot of good old fashioned guts) that makes people connect. Media come and go. Actually, come to think about it, they never really go, they just get added to, but more about that another time. But people still: want to be liked, want to be healthy, want to take care of their families, want good tasting food etc. etc. etc. Ignore the Chairman at your own risk. You have been warned.


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